The issue of food safety has become the focus of public attention in China today. As a design worker, we have the obligation and responsibility to communicate and awaken people's thinking on food safety issues through the power of design. This series of works focuses on "fast-paced" thinking and design. At present, many farmers in China have used illegal breeding of antibiotics, hormones, and other illicit drugs to raise money for the purpose of earning profits. This has made it possible to break the traditional feeding cycle and save costs and in a short period of time. Profit from the listing, driven by interest, how many families are deeply affected by health. “The domestic production of 210,000 tons of antibiotics, of which 97,000 tons is used for animal breeding” is a cruel and horrible data. Therefore, this work uses the most common pigs, chickens and fish as the visual carrier in life. The use of illicit drugs to piece together the outlines of these three animals gives people a visual thought that triggers the mind, as if every feather, every hair, and every scale of the animal is full of these drugs, so that everyone can concisely The visual image to be perceived is to perceive the harm of drug abuse cultivation. However, the facts tell us that this is not an alarmist. If farmers in the real world don’t use these drugs in large quantities, there will be no “hormone chicken,” “rapid pigs,” or “hormone fish.” This is every conscience. All Chinese must think about!




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